Holy Trinity Church

An introductory letter from Rathmell’s new vicar, Julie Clarkson


Church Services – October 2020

Sunday 11th October, 9:30am

Harvest Festival/Family Service, Rev’d Julie Clarkson

There is not a Harvest Auction this year; instead we are collecting for Skipton Food Bank If you would like to donate please leave your goods in the porch at Rathmell Church or bring them to the Service. The Church is open during daylight hours.

Please see attached a list of food and goods the Food Bank can accept. 

Sunday 25th October, 9:30am

Holy Communion (bread only), Rev’d Paul Fisher  

Morning Prayer, Saturday weekly at 9:30am

Rev’d Julie Clarkson will be in Church from 9:30 to 10:00 every Saturday morning.  If anyone would like to join her for prayer, or would like to speak to her, they are most welcome.

Face coverings are mandatory in places of Worship

Annual Parochial Church Meeting

Wednesday 7th October, 7:30pm in the Church

People can also Zoom this meeting – Details to follow

This is an important event in the life of our Church when you get to elect your churchwardens and Parochial Church Council members who will represent you for the coming year.  All are welcome to attend but only those on our Electoral Roll may vote.  The ACPM is an opportunity to look back on the activities of the past year (2019) and to look forward.  The church accounts are also presented so you can see how the church manages its finances. We are happy to receive any questions on the accounts or the life of the church at the APCM.

Do come and support your church, your parish and your representatives. We are a small proactive PCC and meet approximately 3 to 4 times a year.  Your ideas, help and support are invaluable.

Again, social distancing and the wearing of a face mask will apply

Best wishes – Sue Shepherd & Catherine Ashworth – Churchwardens

This “Little Church” with a Big Heart” was built on the goodwill and generosity of the local community and the current 21st Century generation is working hard to make sure it will be here to serve the villages of Rathmell and Wigglesworth for at least another 100 years.

Harvest Festival….. Skipton Food Bank Donations

Urgently needed …

Toothpaste/Toothbrushes for adults and children  –  Shampoo  –  Tinned rice pudding  –  Custard  –  Tinned spaghetti  –  Jam/honey or similar  –  Pot noodle or similar

Also needed …

Tinned meat  –  Tinned tomatoes  –  UHT milk  –  Tinned fruit  –  Shower Gel  –  Soap  –  Biscuits –  Breakfast cereals  –  Pasta sauce  –  Pasta  –  Instant coffee  –  Tinned fish  –  Tinned vegetables  –  Quick cook meals of noodles/rice/pasta  –  Rice  –  Teabags  –  Sanitary products  –  Toilet rolls

They also collect …   Dog/Cat food – Nappies – Baby wipes – Washing powder – Household cleaning items

Donated items should, of course, be in good condition, unopened, and not past their use by or best before dates

Please leave your donations in the Church porch …. or bring them to the Harvest Service