Brocklands wins People’s Award


In a unique new award based on the experience of bereaved families across the UK, Brocklands Woodland Burial, Rathmell has been named the best Natural Burial Ground in Yorkshire.

The Natural Death Centre Charity scrutinised the written accounts of experiences of over a thousand members of the public who had buried a family member in a natural burial ground as part of The People’s Awards for the best Natural Burial Ground in the UK 2013.

Unlike other awards which grade the facilities available on sites or cover environmental issues, The People’s Awards are all about the personal service received when someone arranges a burial in a natural burial ground, and the impact that the manager or owner had on the bereaved families that they helped.

“Chris and Julia Weston own and manage Brocklands and their personal involvement with families makes such a difference,” said Rosie Inman Cook, manager of the Natural Death Centre.

“Time and again, families mentioned how kind and compassionate they were, and that is what The People’s Awards are based on – the human touches that make all the difference at a time of great sadness.”

“We are delighted to be able to name Brocklands Woodland Burial as the best natural burial ground in Yorkshire on behalf of the many families who choose it as the final resting place for someone they love.”

Brocklands was the first green burial site in Craven and the first west of Harrogate. Back in 1998 Julia and Chris visited Ken West at Carlise Cemetery where he had implemented the world’s first green burial site, and took on board much of his advice about the ethos and the practicalities of setting up a site. Brocklands is now considered one of the “first generation” natural burial sites with a strong sense of its green credentials. It attracts families from all over the UK, not just Yorkshire.