“Christmas is Coming “

Bentley Crabtree

“Oh no it isn’t”, but the four legged friends of Rathmell say, “Oh yes it is” and they have done their best by creating the easiest and most useful present you can buy now and reduce the pressure once the shops start churning out the Christmas music, cards etc. We have beaten them this year.

Bentley Crabtree, now vintage class, is once more putting a slightly older paw to paper to say: “We are Back!” Following our success in 2012, Rathmell Rovers have done it again and we have produced another calendar for 2014. If the original Calendar Girls can have more than one bite at the cherry the Rathmell Rovers were not to be outdone.This spring once again the steady step of paws made their way to Highwood Photography, where our personal canine camera man was once more prepared to disport himself in all sorts of positions to get the right shot. Sadly, some of our friends from the original publication have not lasted as long as the cast of Calendar Girls, but there are many old stagers who are sharing the limelight with a new bevy of canine beauty.

We have been primped, polished and primed to perfection. (This has been especially hard for one small dachshund who, although he does not “do mornings” has the greatest fun digging at every opportunity, if Fracking comes to Rathmell he will be on site !) We all had our allocated photo shoot and so each dog really had it’s day and we can be seen displayed in all our glory throughout the year.

All proceeds will again be shared between the Reading Room and of more importance to non – villagers, the Yorkshire Air Ambulance. The cost this year will be £12.00 and includes an envelope to make present giving even easier.

Orders can be placed with Margaret Swift on 01729 840 106 or Vanessa Stone on 01729 840451,  and can be collected on 21st September between 10.00 and 12.00 noon where you can also enjoy Tea,Coffee and delicious homemade cakes at a combined Church Coffee Morning.

Rathmell Rovers look forward to welcoming you to this event, and while there will not be any personal appearances from any of the models we hope this production will bring as much pleasure as our original calendar.