Be actively involved in your village community – welcome to the Reading Room AGM

The committee is pleased to invite the inhabitants of Rathmell and the neighbourhood to attend the forthcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM).  Attached is the agenda for the meeting. The AGM is an important constitutional meeting and provides a forum to enable all inhabitants of the area to put forward their ideas for the future of the Reading Room.

There are five elected members of the committee. Nominations may be made for the committee to be elected at the AGM. This may be done either in advance or at the meeting. Nominations are welcome for all positions. The elected positions that are open for nominations are :

Two remaining elected members

The election of committee members will normally be by a show of hands. The term of office of an elected member commences at the end of the AGM and expires at the end of the AGM in the following year. There are five representative members of the committee who are appointed by their appointing organisations, namely,

The Rathmell Young Farmers’ Club
The Parochial Church Council of Rathmell with Wigglesworth
The Methodist Union, Rathmell
Age UK’s Rathmell Thursday Club
The Governors of Rathmell Church of England School

In addition, if you have any other business that you feel is relevant to the AGM, then this may be raised at the meeting.

We welcome both old and new village residents.

Peter Reynolds
Acting Chairman