Stella is our Junior Reporter!


Latest news! The village has a newly appointed  JUNIOR REPORTER – read on……….. At our monthly meeting the website group decided we needed to have a young person’s perspective on the life and times of Rathmell Village so a meeting was arranged with a dynamic young lady called Stella Burke, who is 11 years old and lives with her family in the centre of the village.

My children have  flown the nest long since and I do not come into contact with Rathmell children anymore so I was quite apprehensive about meeting Stella and her Mum Claire (grandma Vanessa came along too). Would she think I was an old ‘fuddy duddy’? But I had no need to worry, I was so impressed with her enthusiasm and excitement at being offered the post of Junior Reporter and she promised us that she will write articles on a regular basis. So look out for Stella’s Column in the coming weeks. It is important to us that our Junior Reporter is given the freedom to write about her life, her thoughts, her experiences, her school and her home without interference from us. If you have youngsters in your home perhaps they could write to Stella via this website on and we will happily post their articles on here. Here are some of Stella’s paintings and drawings of her family. Click on them to zoom larger.

Click on this link to read Stella’s welcome

Stella’s family