Flanders Poppy Seeds planted at Holy Trinity Church, Rathmell

Poppy seeds planting Holy Trinity Church

 A small group gathered together today 30th April to plant a collection of Flanders Poppy seeds in the front of Holy Trinity. This was inspired by the Royal British Legion and the Church of England which has teamed up with this charity to help them in their aim to make the country awash with poppies during the next four years to mark the 100th anniversary of the Great War.

This has also coincided with the formation of the new Diocese of Leeds, to be known as the Diocese of West Yorkshire and the Dales. The Rt Reverend Nick M Baines  said “A century is not a long time, but only 100 years ago the world fell apart in the most violent way. This simple act of growing poppies reminds us of our past and is a very visual way of pledging ourselves to serve together in the future .

The following prayer was read during the sowing of these seeds and hopefully these will  bloom as a sign of our eternal thanks for the supreme price paid by so many so that we may live our lives in peace

<Poppy Prayer.jpg>