Your village needs you – Ribble Bank Parish Council meeting Tuesday 23 September 2014

This is an URGENT MESSAGE to Rathmell Village Residents regarding the Ribble Bank Parish Council meeting to be held on Tuesday 23 SEPTEMBER 2014 7.30pm at the Rathmell Reading Room. We apologise for the short notice but we were not informed until a few days ago.

For the past 6 months there has technically been no Parish Council due to the lack of applications for the posts of Rathmell Councillors and therefore Craven District Council stepped in to oversee Parish business as an interim measure. This meeting will co-opt local residents to be councillors and business will hopefully be resumed in due course.

THEREFORE it is IMPORTANT that you as Rathmell residents attend to support the applications for co-option and revisit issues from the last agenda of Parish matters still outstanding. WITHOUT our Parish Council we have little say on issues that affect our village such as planning applications or LOCAL PLAN

IT IS OF LITTLE USE COMPLAINING when the decisions have been passed.

You will have all received a letter about the Craven District Plan and this is an opportunity for you to ask questions and give your comments – they do matter and notice is taken.

View the AGENDA here: