Junior reporter Stella reflects on her Summer holidays

Stella head-150x150Summer is over!

Sorry I haven’t been keeping in touch but I have had a very busy summer and it’s been great.

I went to stay with my Auntie and Uncle in London. Grandma took us down on the train (first class of course!) and we did all sorts of things. Went up the Shard to see the fantastic views across the city, went to the national portrait gallery (my favourite) and of course did a bit of shopping! I love London and want to move there when I go to college.

I also visited another city. Lisbon in Portugal. It was fantastic and we also went to the beach, but it was very tiring as my mum and dad like to do lots of sightseeing!

I’ve still managed to keep up with my friends and me and Beth took the ice bucket challenge. You can see mine on facebook. My mum had to do it twice because Joe didn’t film it for first time. She wasn’t very pleased!

We are now back at school and I am in year 8. I was looking forward to going back and seeing all my friends. I like my school and I am not just saying that because my headteacher is moving into the village – honest!

As well as keeping up with all my homework I am still doing my art and drawing, enjoying walks round Rathmell with my mum and watching things on YouTube…but when will we get faster broadband? It drives me and my brother mad. Hope it’s soon.

Happy autumn everyone