Denise Maguire; Quilting prize…

Denise Maguire

Denise and her husband Tony, live in Gooselands, Rathmell.

We asked her to write about her work and recent success:

“The quilt pictured above took 128 hrs to make, in other words, if I worked an 8 hour day, it would have taken me 16 days.

It actually took me about 2 months in all!

The motifs (blocks) are courtesy of William Morris, but I wanted to make the quilt a little special. I came up with a few different designs to incorporate the blocks and decided to set them in, off centre and only put the “log Cabin” (the coloured edges) along the bottom and up one side. Once the top of the quilt was constructed I layered it with a middle wadding and a backing fabric. I then quilted it using a normal domestic sewing machine. The feather patterns were drawn on first, then heat erased once quilted, but the rest is free machine quilted, which just means it’s not planned you just “go for it”.

I decided to enter it into the “Great Northern Quilt Show” in Harrogate this year. I have entered quilts before not specifically to get prizes but as an old lady once said to me “if people don’t put their quilts in, there won’t be a show”.

The show ran from Thursday to Sunday and I had intended to go over to Harrogate on the Sunday, but found out on Thursday, when my friend congratulated me on Face book, that I had won a prize! I was so excited as I had never won anything before.

I won Judges Choice, which is not a big prize but even so, I was thrilled!”

Denise runs classes in the Rathmell Reading Room, every third Friday.



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