Planning applications – update and news

Thanks to our Cllr John Ketchell we have updates on Beautry Farm, The Borrins and The Hesley Lane – Francmanis planning applications, which will have an affect on the character of Rathmell village. Please click on the application links to direct access the planning applications on the Craven District Council planning portal.

Beautry Farm – You may be aware that the second stage of the planning process for the Beautry Farm field is now up for discussion. In 2013 an outline plan for this field was approved – four properties with a road up the middle – and now a further plan has been submitted that gives more detail for the proposed development. This second plan looks similar to the outline proposal but on closer examination there are significant differences ….. in size of buildings, in design, and in materials.

Parishioners can compare the current proposals with the original, approved proposals by looking them up on the Craven DC planning website. The planning number for the current proposal is 59/2015/16229 whilst the outline plan was 59/2013/14049. You will also be able to read responses to the plans that some parishioners have already made and, if you want to participate yourself, you have until 13th November 2015 to do so.

The BorrinsAn application to extend the barn adding new kitchen and dining spaces. This is a venerable barn converted for residential use but the proposed extension is a striking and contrasting modern design. I think the architect has come up with an imaginative solution but you can decide for yourselves by looking up application 59/2015/16225.

 Land to the North of Hesley Lane – This is the proposal to build in the corner of the big field below the Reading Rooms. Many of you will recall that the first attempt at building here was vigorously opposed at a well-attended Reading Rooms meeting two or three years ago. Then a Mark II proposal was put forward and this was the subject of some venom at our last spring Parish Meeting! Since then all has gone quiet. Apparently, the plans were submitted to Craven but the planning officer there had some concerns about them and sought clarifications. Since then they have not, as yet, reappeared. Watch this space!

If you have questions about any of these matters then contact me and I’ll try to help. The Beautry application will be on the agenda at the next Parish Council meeting along with lots of other interesting stuff! The meeting is on Tuesday 17 November, 7:30 at Wigglesworth Village Hall and anyone is welcome to attend – as always, the more participation the better.