A ‘thank you’ from Rosemary Crabtree

I must thank everyone for all their cards, flowers, emails, phone calls and prayers following my “mugging” on Monday 22nd March. I have been very humbled and helped by the all those best wishes and concern; it was a tremendous shock, but without the support of all my friends and acquaintances my recovery would have been very different.

I was so lucky that the injury sustained from that assault was a broken finger on my right hand and nothing more serious, although it has resulted in two operations under general anaesthetics, the second one leaving me with a metal plate held in place by seven screws and a life long scar from twelve stitches and I have been warned that I may still need further surgery.

The police were amazing, my handbag and purse were found the same day, minus money, phone etc. The assailant was apprehended the next day and remanded in custody for an appearance in court yesterday 23rd March, from which he pleaded guilty and has received a custodial sentence of three years and four months.

Everyone has been so kind and concerned and I must just say again “thank you all so very much, you have all helped to get me over an unbelievable and frightening experience.

Rosemary Crabtree