Planning issues – is Rathmell getting a fair deal?

Planning stuff – again! – from your Cllr. John Ketchell

Is Rathmell getting a fair deal?

Consultation is taking place on the the latest draft of the CDC Local Plan and an exhibition of what is proposed will be staged in the Victoria Hall on Monday 25 April from 4pm until 8pm. Please try to get along to the event since this will be a chance to see what the planners are proposing for the village – sites and numbers – over the next twenty years.

The latest draft plan is a hefty document giving a very full account of the planner’s intentions for the whole of the district council area. Many of the sentiments expressed in the plan are admirable and it will be interesting to see if they can live up to their aspirations. The entire plan can be seen on the CDC planning website and is certainly worth a look.

Some aspects of the plan seem to be contradictory or just daft. The planners, for example, state how undesirable it is to be building on quality farmland and then, in Rathmell’s case, suggest lots of farmland for development. They also group Rathmell with Hellifield and Giggleswick, suggesting that these settlements should all accommodate an average of two new houses each year for the next twenty years… even though Giggleswick and Hellifield each have 4 or 5 times the population of Rathmell and a much wider range of services!

Plenty to talk about here and, if we want to comment, the deadline is the 17th May.

In addition to the Local Plan, we now also know that Francmanis Properties have re-submitted their application to build three properties in the field to the north of Hesley Lane. Again, this proposal can be viewed on the CDC planning website – the application number is 59/2016/16706. The deadline for comments to CDC on this is 19th May…… or it was when I last looked. CDC have a habit of changing dates apparently at random!

The Annual Rathmell Parish Meeting will be taking place on Tuesday 3 May 2016 in the Reading Room 7.30pm. This meeting has been called by Rathmell councillors John Ketchell and Ed Roe. Please attend as there’ll be plenty to discuss!