The Street Party was a huge success! see the photos…


Queens 90th birthday Party

Over 50 people & there families attended and great fun was had by all.

The  Childrens’ Drawings of the Queen were on display and judged by Rosemary Rees. Rosemary visited the School on the following Monday to announce the prize winners and present a small prize to all who entered.

drawings + 1st prize

3rd prize + drawingsdrawings + 2nd prize

Wonderful drawings!!

The Cake Competition was judged by John Harrison – (a great cake fancier!) – the winner was Pat Hartley and was presented with a bouquet of flowers.

the judge;the chairman;the winner winning cake street party 02 queens memories pictures more sweet cake Marthas' cake great party great cake good time cakes

cake full of sweets cake comp bash the cake 90th 01