Important Broadband News for Rathmell and Wigglesworth villages

Did you know that 95% of the country has much faster Internet than us and right now there are no plans for our villages to be connected to BT Fibre Network? So we need to organise it ourselves.

We are a group of residents of Rathmell and wigglesworth who are working together to bring high speed broadband to our Parishes.

In order to talk to potential suppliers we’re gathering a few details about the households and businesses in our two communities. Please could we ask you to fill out the form at

If you want to have access to higher bandwidth services of today and of the future, we need to act. Don’t delay respond today.

Why do we need broadband?

Work from home * Increase value of property * Video calls & Skype * Access to online learning for schools, open university * HD / 4K TV streaming * Online Games * Back Up to The Cloud * Computer / Phone Software updates.

For more information speak to a local resident at