Rathmell’s Remembrance Day Tribute

IMG_3502As a tribute to all those who fell defending our country in two world wars, a stunning display has been erected in the Reading Room, which includes a tableau created from recycled materials by Diana Kaneps, a fabric wreath sown with 100 poppies and 50 green leaves by Denise Maguire and a collection of old photographs of soldiers from Yorkshire Regiments. As we approach the annual period of remembrance this provides a most poignant reminder of the sacrifice made by our forbears for the defence of our nation.
IMG_3493 This is a recycled wreath made from plastic bottles stuck to old pallet wood, with rusty metal and barbed wire wrapped round to represent life in the trenches, made by Diana Kaneps. The horse shoe symbolises the part played by horses in WW1 – a million drafted into the conflict of which a mere handful returned.IMG_3480

This fabric wreath has been sown by Denise Maguire, who teaches quilting in the Reading Room. It contains 100 sown poppies and 50 sown green leaves.