Brocklands Woodland Burial Wins National People’s Award

Brocklands Woodland Burial has been named the Best Natural Burial Ground in North Britain in the Annual People’s Awards made by The Natural Death Centre. The region includes Northern England and all of Scotland, and thus a large part of the UK.

The Annual Awards are based entirely on feedback forms which The Association of Natural Burial Grounds (under the auspices of the Natural Death Centre Charity) require all member sites to give to every bereaved family, following the burial of their loved one.

Brocklands’ owner Chris Weston said: “We are thrilled to receive this award. We are here to try and help families get through the very difficult process of saying goodbye to their loved ones, and whilst doing so we have always tried to ensure that the practicalities of death and burial make a positive contribution to the natural cycle of life. To have such a positive response from the families involved in those burials is very rewarding.”

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