cover of "Walkies!" by Margaret Swift

Out now: “Walkies!” – children’s book written and illustrated by Margaret Swift

News has reached Hesley Lane of another book from the prolific Gooselands Writers’ Enclave. “Read all about Doodle’s lockdown adventures in Margaret Swift’s wonderful new children’s book (this time she’s illustrated AND written it) – out now!” Tony Maguire, literary…

Letter from Craven District Council regarding Local Government Re-organisation

Discuss your views on the reorganisation of local government across York and North Yorkshire. The Minister for Local Government would like to replace district and county councils with a unitary structure District and borough council leaders in North Yorkshire have come together to make sure change right. As part of our work on this, we are running a series of online discussions, in which you will be able to share your views on how local government should be best structured to be responsive to the needs of local people and businesses.