The future of the Reading Room – Open Meeting at 6.30pm on Tuesday 31 August

The recent Reading Room survey demonstrated that there are a lot of ideas about the facilities and activities villagers would like to be available to us at the Reading Room. So come to an open meeting at the Reading Room to discuss those ideas, and stay on afterwards to help make them happen!

One thing worth bearing in mind is that the Reading Room is a charity with the aim of “Running of village community centre for groups to meet” so other uses might be complex.

Results of the survey

By the “deadline” of the end of July, 65 people had responded to the survey, 23 online and 42 on paper.

To summarize responses:

95% want the Reading Room to stay (62 people). No-one said they thought it should go/close.

60% said they’d miss the Reading Room if it ceased to exist in its current form (38 people)

What would people like the Reading Room to be/do?

  • 73% said it should keep something like its current focus (35% say “put on the same events” and 38% say “put on different events”) 
  • 59% said it should “open as something else”
    • Approx 49% would like a shop (12 online + 19 paper)
    • Approx 38% would like a cafe (4 online + 20 paper)
    • “Artisan / craft shop” was also fairly popular.
    • There is a lot of mixing between people’s answers and comments on this question, making it hard to pin down numbers

56% thought one village “umbrella” group should organise both the Reading Room and Old School, with 24% saying “maybe”

24 people (or households) said they would help run things at the RR, or RR+OS, and 25 people said they would help “when time and interest coincided”.

83% would like there to be an open meeting about the future of the Reading Room, village resources and activities, and the questionnaire results.

Fancy charts from the online survey, for pizzazz:

summary of the 42 responses received to the paper survey: