Titanic Spa

Former Rathmell resident David Wilkinson’s award-winning spa in Huddersfield

Titanic spa award

Although Lynne and David Wilkinson moved away from Rathmell in 2018, they’re still close to the village’s hearts, and we were proud for David when his creation – Titanic Spa, in Huddersfield – was named Global Winner in the World Luxury Spa Awards back in 2016.

Titanic Spa was opened in 2006 when David purchased the huge textile mill in Huddersfield known locally as Titanic Mill, the name coming from the fact that it was built in 1911, the same year as the eponymous ocean liner, and that it was also such a large structure. The Spa developed rapidly to include a wide range of facilities and treatments, as well as 35 luxury apartments providing accommodation for visitors.

David Wilkinson has had a long career in property development and management prior to this latest venture. He lived for many years in Rathmell with his wife Lynne (nee Garnett), who was born in Rathmell into one of the village’s best known (and best loved/respected) families. Both David and Lynne were very active in our community, not least with this website!

(And both of you, if you occasionally still read the website you had such a hand in creating and maintaining, we hope you approve of changes!)