Rathmell Reading Room Chairman’s Report (October 2016 – October 2017)

The committee represents various different organisations and interests in the village as well as including those people able and willing to devote their time to Reading Room matters.

  • Chair: Rosemary Rees
  • Vice-Chair: Ian Wright
  • Treasurer: John Ketchell
  • Minuting secretary: Alison Boothman
  • Bookings secretary: Vanessa Stone
  • Events secretary: Elaine Illingworth
  • Committee
    • Pat Charnley
    • Martin Charnley
    • Sheila Garnett
    • Diana Kaneps
    • Denise Maguire
    • Bryan Procter (Trustee)
    • Richard Schofield
    • Veronica Trueman
    • Chris Weston (Trustee)
    • Edith Wright

We decided to continue with our focus on arranging events that would be of interest to the village community, that would bring the community together and that would have the added benefit of raising money for the maintenance of the Reading Room.

Our Reading Room ‘year’ got off to a floral start with a demonstration of flower arranging by Catkins of Settle than inspired many of us to try to do more than simply pop a bunch of flowers in a vase. November saw our customary Christmas Fayre, which gave the village the opportunity to meet for a chat over a coffee as well as buy some interesting and unusual Christmas gifts for friends and relatives. This was followed in December by our traditional Christmas party, hosted by Ian and Edith Wright.

We had a bit of a break in January.

In February we were entertained by the highly talented Lloyd family (from our village) to a musical evening. March saw us enjoying a fish and chip supper that seemed to go on well into the night as friends and neighbours caught up with each other. The Vintage Fayre in April gave us a marvellous opportunity to snap up bargains before the dealers spotted them, and for older members of the community to marvel at items that are now ‘antique’ or ‘vintage’ and which were staples of our childhood.

Our annual rent of £1 was due in May, and this year we decided to celebrate it by holding a ‘Pound Day’ with all donated goods and refreshments on sale for £1. This was great fun and there were many bargains to be had. In June we were again heavily involved on the catering side of Open Farm Sunday, and our thanks are due to Chris Weston for his generous contribution to our funds.

In July we had an interesting talk from Robert Wood on ‘The Hidden Power of Gemstones’ and in August we again provided refreshments for the inter-village walk. September saw us drawing legs on beetles in a Beetle Drive that was enjoyed by young and old alike.

As I write, we are looking forward to a Country and Western night, a Christmas Fayre and our village Christmas party.

All committee members have been fully involved in planning and organising, setting up tables and taking them down again, washing up and drying up, baking cakes and scones and generally working behind the scenes – and sometimes in front of them – to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Committee work has not been all about planning and organising events. We have negotiated with our insurers and utility providers, and made sure that the fabric of the building is kept in good repair. Some of you will have noticed the arrival and installation of a new toilet, and work on the window frames is on-going. We are hoping, in the coming year, to re-paint the interior of the hall. The kitchen has been re-organised and new shelves fitted. We have made sure our activities are well-publicised, including being posted on the village web-site.

It has, as you can see, been a very busy year for us all. As chairman, I must thank all the committee members and trustees for giving so unstintingly of their time, their ideas and their expertise – and the village for its support.

Rosemary Rees
Chairman of the Reading Room Committee
October 2017