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Chris Weston Cappleside House, Rathmell, Settle, Yorkshire BD24 0LJ

Brocklands, one of the first green burial sites in England, has been open for over 10 years now. Set on the Cappleside estate in Rathmell, it has magnificent views up the Ribble valley towards Settle and Penyghent. Open to locals and visitors alike, Brocklands is a peaceful, secluded site nestling in the Dales countryside, overlooking the river Ribble and the famous Settle-Carlisle line.

Many people, from all walks of life, are now opting to have a green burial instead of being cremated. Burials can be done with as much or as little ceremony as required.
This is a cleaner, simpler way to be buried. Each plot is uniquely numbered, and the family chooses a native tree to be panted on it, which then grows as part of a wider habitat. Nothing artificial is put onto or into the ground, native wildflowers surround the graves, and the area, originally open grassland, is now slowly evolving into new woodland. which already has nesting birds, nuts, berries and butterflies. The site is soon to expand to the whole field and include pasture burials for those who prefer to have animals grazing over them when they have gone, continuing that slow but sure cycle of nature.

With a converted Dales barn for ceremonies, toilet facilities and ample parking, this is a burial ground ideal for those wanting a religious farewell or those who wish a simpler send-off. We also sell a full range of biodegradable coffins.

Brocklands Woodland Burial was named the Best Natural Burial Ground in North Britain in the 2017 Annual People’s Awards made by The Natural Death Centre. The region includes Northern England and all of Scotland, and thus a large part of the UK. The awards are based on feedback from bereaved families. Brocklands’ owner Chris Weston said: “We were thrilled to receive this award. We are here to try and help families get through the very difficult process of saying goodbye to their loved ones, and whilst doing so we have always tried to ensure that the practicalities of death and burial make a positive contribution to the natural cycle of life. To have such a positive response from the families involved in those burials is very rewarding.”

feedback from families:

“A marvellous location, well kept and tended”

“All the family left the site uplifted, despite the sadness of the occasion.”

“Chris was extremely helpful and accommodating. The site was all I could have wished for, and the ceremony was perfect.”

“Less fuss, more informal, and closer to nature.”

“This is a wonderful burial site [in a] beautiful, peaceful, natural and spiritual setting…quiet and calm – a safe, peaceful resting place.”

“Chris loves the land and takes such care of it. Nothing is a problem if he can help. Many of my husband’s walking friends were so impressed they said it was where they would like to be at rest.”

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