It’s December 2019 and after realising that the People section of the site had become a little overgrown with weeds, we’re now starting a staggeringly ambitious and cutting-edge high-tech new series of “cups of tea and a chat” with people in Rathmell.

The plan is to record friendly conversations about life and characters in the village about once a month, and to publish both the audio file and a transcript of the loveliest bits of each chat here on the site.

Where else could we start but with John Harrison?

John Harrison

John talks to Margaret Swift about his life in and around Rathmell… contains jokes, but also contains miracles.

Any ideas or contributions in this vein, please email the editor:

(We’ll also happily publish any births, deaths, marriages, christenings, events, achievements… whatever may be of note or interest… or we’ll teach you how to do it on the website if you prefer!)

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